Virtual Reality Technology

What Is Virtual Reality Technology?

What Is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual Reality Technology

For most of the common people, it may ask why virtual reality is. It is not a helmet or mask used by Darth Vader in the Star Wars movie. It is a technology enabling you to interact with an image object using your computer and bringing you to a 3D virtual world situation. Virtual reality technology offers a different experience to encourage a 3D situation with several tools.

The Description of Virtual Reality 

What is virtual reality? Who is using it? Virtual reality is a technology enabling to increase a real 3D situation so that it makes the users look like in the real world through the simulation is a virtual world. This technology is used by architects, medical works, gamers, and drug makers. Even, it has occurred games made virtually with that virtual reality. Besides, an airplane pilot is also relying on virtual reality to do a flight simulation before flying the airplane in real-time. It is aimed at recognizing the faced terrain and getting an illustration when you are flying in the sky.

Devices and Elements of Virtual Reality 

How is the design of virtual reality? The used devices are supporting a virtual reality technology such as walker, helmet, gloves, and headset. The helmet is functioning to make the seen images look realistic and closer. A headset is giving a clear sound effect so that it creates a real situation. Both walkers and gloves are catching feet and hand movements. It gives a real sensation on hands and feet. The working system of virtual reality is not released of some important elements such as;

  • A virtual world, a content creating a virtual world in a screenplay or script
  • Immersion, a sensation bringing the users of virtual reality feeling a real environment thought it is fictive.
  • Sensory feedback is functioning to convey information from the virtual world to the users’ senses.
  • Interactivity is working to respond to actions of the users so that it has a direct interaction in a fictive terrain or virtual world.

The users of virtual reality will see a virtual world dynamically. All elements in this technology will make the users in the real world.

Functions of Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is an innovation or discovery in which it is influencing and having huge impacts on real life.

Functions of Virtual Reality 
Functions of Virtual Reality


It enables many companies to promote products with virtual reality technology. It is also allowing professional parties to work effectively anywhere.


Virtual reality is potentially applied in the property world. It enables visitors to feel like home.


It can be used for space or astronomy. It means that you can do a space simulation being a training space for astronauts before flying in the airspace.

Virtual reality is also used in health, military, automotive, education, and gym industry.

The Importance of Virtual Reality Tech in Medical and Health-Related Stuff

The so-called virtual reality tech is one of the products of modern technology. It is a promising piece of technology that has a lot of use in today’s life. More of the use of VR may not be discovered just yet today but some of them are beneficial in many ways. The main thing about VR is that it is a vast scope of technology. It has not been fully maximized in terms of its potential. It means that anything is possible with the proper implementation and incorporation of VR itself. One of the known functions of VR tech today is in the scope of medical and health-related matters.

Virtual Reality for Medical Training Purpose

One of the functions of the so-called virtual reality tech is within the scope of medical training. VR offers a high level of interactivity which means that it is perfect to be used as a training platform for dental and medical students. The way to do that is by creating a simulation in the VR world of various types of surgeries for the students to handle. There will be no risk involved in practicing surgeries using the advancement of VR tech of today. It will optimize the training of dental and medical students while also cutting the cost to do that in real-life without VR tech.

Virtual Reality for Medical Training Purpose
Virtual Reality for Medical Training Purpose

Virtual Reality for Mental Health Treatment Purpose

Post-traumatic stress or disorder is a serious problem that can be treated by using virtual reality tech. Anxiety, depression, and phobias are also possible to be treated with the use of proper VR treatment. The idea is to create an alternate reality within the VR world that will trigger the problems of certain people that lead to their phobias, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. It is particularly easier to create any kind of situation to treat different people by using VR than trying to create it in real-life for each patient. It offers a great chance to heal those kinds of mental issues.

Despite the use of VR in the scope of the medical world, there are many other uses of it. It continues to be developed for the better functionality and outcome of the VR itself in that environment of medical treatment and training as well. At some points, it may be a bit expensive to invest in the tools and equipment for virtual reality tech. Yet, the possible outcome of the use of it offers greater weight than the cost to pay in the first place.